Step Up

To your amazing new instrument.

What is a “step-up”?

Like cars, computers, or sports gear, instruments have different levels of quality. Beginners start on “student models,” designed for durability and easy of playing. As players advance and grow (physically and musically), they will outgrow their instrument- much like a bicyclist will outgrow their training wheels.

For students that wish to play their best, the next level of instruments, called step-up instruments, offer refined sound and intonation, allowing advancing players to continue beyond the limitations of a student-line instrument.

The Music Shoppe’s Annual Step-Up Sale

With the best selection of step-up band instruments, November is a great time to try step-ups at The Music Shoppe!

We’re bringing in the top brands and models in the industry…almost $1,000,000 of inventory! Students will be able to find their special instrument while you take advantage of the year’s best deals:
In-store financing
18 month deferred interest
Special rebates up to $200
Closeout prices on select models
Rent-to-own on select models
Currently renting a student model instrument? Use up to 18 months of rental equity towards your new step-up, and still take advantage of our yearly savings.
Student instrument paid in full? Trade it in for a discount towards your step-up!

Three chances to step up

Visit the Step-Up event at each of our stores:
November 6th-9th
1540 E College Ave, 61761
November 13th-16th
27 E Marketview Dr, 61820
November 20th-23rd
2940 Constitution Dr, 62704