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Guides from The Music Shoppe to help you get started on a new instrument!

How to Practice Part 3

How to Practice Part 3 Negative Vibes Like the journey of life, the student's musical journey isn't always a straight line. Actually, it looks more like this: Welcome to the struggle. If you're in one of the descending phases, it can feel like you're blocked. You keep going over those phrases slower, [...]

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Dampit: The Unsung Hero of Orchestra   If you're in orchestra, you've probably heard someone talk about Dampits. But what are they? Take a moment to make sense of them here: What is it? A Dampit is a special humidifier specifically designed for wood instruments, primarily strings. It is a sponge that rests [...]

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What is Musicality Part 2

What is Musicality? Thoughts on expressivity from The Music Shoppe's resident singer. Part 2: The Musical Guide In our last post, What is Musicality Part 1, we learned about the concept of musicality and why it's important in music. Though it sounds like a daunting feat, there is a map in the music [...]

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When to Change Your Reeds

Know when to change your reeds. The reed is one of the most important parts of a working woodwind instrument. The vibrating reed is the source of your sound when you blow on your instrument. It is thus very important that you take meticulous care of your reeds! However, they don't last forever. The following [...]

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What is Musicality Part I

What is Musicality? Thoughts on expressivity from The Music Shoppe's resident singer Part 1: You are going to communicate What is musicality? It's a rather elusive term. Let me explain why: "Musicality is the ability to play a piece perfectly." This definition is technically correct, but there's much more underneath it. Musicality is not [...]

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How to Practice Part I

  How to Practice Part I: The Practice of Practicing Do you have a novice student with no idea how to practice? What they practice will evolve as they grow, but the formula for practice will probably stay the same. If you or your student is struggling, try following this guide to make practice sessions more [...]

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Practice Music Part II: Create Efficient Sessions

How to Practice Part II: Creating Efficient Sessions In Part I, we discussed how your student should practice their instrument. This this section, we'll talk about all of the things surrounding rehearsal: preparation, focus, distractions and more. Once your student has mastered the art of practicing, take a step back [...]

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How to use a tuner

How to use a tuner: Turn on your tuner. It should be set to tune at A440, the frequency used most often to tune. If not set correctly, the tuner should have a guide to change this. Make your pitch with one good, long, strong sound.       Observe which way the needle moves: [...]

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How to Rosin Your Bow

 How to Rosin Your Bow Have you ever grabbed a violin and bow off a sales counter, did your best Paganini impression, and found that you couldn't make any sound? What was up with that? That bow needed some rosin. What is rosin? Rosin is resin in solid form. When applied to the [...]

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How to Practice with a Metronome

How to practice with a metronome Your metronome can be simple, with only a dial and power switch, or it can be highly sophisticated, with multiple programs and play options. For new players, opt for a simple metronome and upgrade as needed. Set your speed: Your metronome with have a dial with numbers ranging from [...]

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