What is Musicality Part 2

What is Musicality? Thoughts on expressivity from The Music Shoppe's resident singer. Part 2: The Musical Guide In our last post, What is Musicality Part 1, we learned about the concept of musicality and why it's important in music. Though it sounds like a daunting feat, there is a map in the music [...]

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When to Change Your Reeds

Know when to change your reeds. The reed is one of the most important parts of a working woodwind instrument. The vibrating reed is the source of your sound when you blow on your instrument. It is thus very important that you take meticulous care of your reeds! However, they don't last forever. The following [...]

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Bizarre Instruments

Bizarre Instruments Innovative minds are making new and crazy instruments every day. This Halloween, we pulled together some of the weirdest and creepiest instruments we could find for you to hear! Armonica Invented by Ben Franklin in 1761. Glass bowls rotate on a wheel and are struck by the player's dampened fingers. Though popular during Franklin's [...]

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What is Musicality Part I

What is Musicality? Thoughts on expressivity from The Music Shoppe's resident singer Part 1: You are going to communicate What is musicality? It's a rather elusive term. Let me explain why: "Musicality is the ability to play a piece perfectly." This definition is technically correct, but there's much more underneath it. Musicality is not [...]

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How to Practice Part I

  How to Practice Part I: The Practice of Practicing Do you have a novice student with no idea how to practice? What they practice will evolve as they grow, but the formula for practice will probably stay the same. If you or your student is struggling, try following this guide to make practice sessions more [...]

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The Star Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key and The Defence of Fort M'Henry Francis Scott Key was a lawyer and recreational poet who in 1814, wrote the poem "The Defence of Fort M'Henry." Key volunteered to board British ships to negotiate the release of American prisoners. While on board, he heard British generals discussing the [...]

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Prepare for Marching Band

Prepare for Marching Band! Marching band is starting up! Whether your student is new to their program or a seasoned professional, there are probably a few things they can be reminded of before getting out on the field. Before starting Pick the right instrument Decide what instrument you're going to use before stepping on the field. [...]

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Johnny Lee Lane Drum Clinic

Free Drum Clinic with Professor Johnny Lee Lane Thanks to Johnny for a great clinic! If you missed it, you can watch the video below. On Thursday, October 13, 2016, Professor Johnny Lee Lane will be presenting a free drum clinic at The Music Shoppe of Normal. Professor Lane is currently Director of [...]

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Champaign Lesson Studio Scholarship Contest

The Music Shoppe Lesson Studios of Champaign is having a scholarship contest! Students may apply to win one month of free weekly lessons. Applications are due May 6, 2016, and winners will be announced May 13, 2016. For more details and the application, please see the attached PDFs. Contest Details Scholarship Application  

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String Events | 0% & Deferred Interest Financing

String Events at The Music Shoppe Eastman's VL405, one of our most popular intermediate violins for String Day. The dates are set! TMS-Normal will have its annual String Day on April 23, 2016. TMS-Champaign will host String Week on May 3 through May 7, 2016. These events have Central IL's best selection of hand-crafted, high quality [...]

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