Band & Orchestra instrument rentals from The Music Shoppe.

Rent-to-Own Band Instruments

  • Flute – Clarinet – Alto Saxophone – Trumpet – Trombone
    • Start with a 2-month discounted introductory rate.
    • The cost per month would be determined by your choice of program (see right).
    • All payments apply to purchase.
    • No obligation to buy- return at any time.
    • Maintenance & Replacement coverage will be included.
    • A 30% cash discount for early payoff is available (30% off of current balance).
    • Payments can also be applied to one of our Yamaha Allegro step-up instruments*.

Rent-to-Own Programs

  • Platinum: New $$$ instruments, includes Yamaha, Bach, and Selmer brands.
  • Gold: New $$ instruments, gently used $$$ instruments
  • Silver: New $ instruments, gently used $$ instruments
  • Bronze**: Extended use instruments, any brand

**Subject to availability.

Rental fees will vary after introductory period based on instrument & chosen plan.

Rent-to-Rent Band Instruments

  • Oboe – Tenor Sax – Single French Horn – Baritone – 3/4 Tuba
    • Start with a 2-month discounted introductory rate.
    • Low monthly payments.
    • No obligation- return at any time.
    • Maintenance & Replacement coverage will be included.
  • Build equity for the first 14 months. Then:
    • Apply your 14 months of equity toward a Rent-to-Own contract for the instrument of your choice.
    • Apply your 14 months of equity toward an out-right purchase of any instrument (additional discounts may apply)
    • Continue with your rent-only contract. No additional equity will accrue.

Maintenance & Replacement

Maintenance & Replacement (M&R) coverage includes recommended yearly service, accidental damage, normal wear & tear, and loss by fire or theft.

Student Orchestra Instrument Rentals

  • Violin – Viola – Cello – Bass
    • 2-month discounted introductory rate.
    • Rental instruments available in sizes to fit your child.
    • Exchange sizes as your child grows with no additional cost.
    • Return any time.
    • Maintenance & Replacement included.
    • 36 months of continuous rental fees applies towards the purchase of a new intermediate or professional level violin, viola, cello, or bass.

Orchestral Instrument Sizes

We rent orchestra instruments in the following sizes:

  • Violin: 1/16 – 4/4
  • Viola: 12″ – 16.5″
  • Cello: 1/10 – 4/4
  • Bass: 1/4 – 3/4

Bravo Instrument Rentals

The Music Shoppe’s “Bravo!” Rent-to-own program is a simple and cost effective way to help students ‘sound better’ and enjoy more success by moving from their beginner instruments to director-approved intermediate and top-line instruments.

This plan features:

  • Convenience with our monthly payment plan.
  • Peace of mind with the option to return at any time.
  • Affordable M&R coverage.
  • Wide selections from the best brands.

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