2019 Step-Up Sale

Step Up To your amazing new instrument. What is a "step-up"? Like cars, computers, or sports gear, instruments have different levels of quality. Beginners start on "student models," designed for durability and easy of playing. As players advance and grow (physically and musically), they will outgrow their instrument- much like a bicyclist will outgrow their training wheels. For students [...]

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Marching Band

3 Things You Didn't Know About High School Marching Band Who knew? You know marching band as that summer band camp your kid has to go to, and the weird competitions you take them to in the fall. Honestly, it's like entering another world. Don't worry, we did marching band in high school [...]

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Building Your Advocacy Team

Building Your Advocacy Team for a Productive Year: A message from Darcy Nendza, Executive Director for the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) The beginning of each school year is a blank slate for new ideas, priorities and goals. As you plan for the 2019-2020 school year, I encourage you to take time to recruit [...]

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Music is good for your health

Music is good for your health. "If you want to firm up your body, head to the gym. If you want to exercise your brain, listen to music." You hear it all the time and we talk about it all the time: music is good for your health. Do you know why [...]

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Cool Instrument Techniques

Cool Instrument Techniques What makes a professional musician sound so much different from a student? Playing the right notes, sure, but they also do some cool things to make incredible sounds. These are just a few things that professionals do- check them out and see what you want to learn! Vibrato "Vibrato" is a [...]

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How to Practice Part 3

How to Practice Part 3 Negative Vibes Like the journey of life, the student's musical journey isn't always a straight line. Actually, it looks more like this: Welcome to the struggle. If you're in one of the descending phases, it can feel like you're blocked. You keep going over those phrases slower, [...]

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Study Music as an Adult

Can I Study Music? You've always secretly wanted to learn an instrument, but never have. Or, you were involved in music when you were younger and want to get back into it. But how do you do it? What's holding you back? Just think of the health benefits that studying music offers: fighting [...]

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Dampit: The Unsung Hero of Orchestra   If you're in orchestra, you've probably heard someone talk about Dampits. But what are they? Take a moment to make sense of them here: What is it? A Dampit is a special humidifier specifically designed for wood instruments, primarily strings. It is a sponge that rests [...]

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What is Musicality Part 2

What is Musicality? Thoughts on expressivity from The Music Shoppe's resident singer. Part 2: The Musical Guide In our last post, What is Musicality Part 1, we learned about the concept of musicality and why it's important in music. Though it sounds like a daunting feat, there is a map in the music [...]

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When to Change Your Reeds

Know when to change your reeds. The reed is one of the most important parts of a working woodwind instrument. The vibrating reed is the source of your sound when you blow on your instrument. It is thus very important that you take meticulous care of your reeds! However, they don't last forever. The following [...]

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