Practice Music Part II: Create Efficient Sessions

How to Practice Part II: Creating Efficient Sessions In Part I, we discussed how your student should practice their instrument. This this section, we'll talk about all of the things surrounding rehearsal: preparation, focus, distractions and more. Once your student has mastered the art of practicing, take a step back [...]

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How to use a tuner

How to use a tuner: Turn on your tuner. It should be set to tune at A440, the frequency used most often to tune. If not set correctly, the tuner should have a guide to change this. Make your pitch with one good, long, strong sound.       Observe which way the needle moves: [...]

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How to Rosin Your Bow

   How to Rosin Your Bow Hold rosin in your dominant hand, bow in the other with the bow hair facing you. Rub rosin on the bow, gliding it across the hair a few times, until rosin covers all of the hair. The rosin will make the bow look a little discolored when enough is [...]

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How to Practice with a Metronome

How to practice with a metronome Your metronome can be simple, with only a dial and power switch, or it can be highly sophisticated, with multiple programs and play options. For new players, opt for a simple metronome and upgrade as needed. Set your speed: Your metronome with have a dial with numbers ranging from [...]

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Practice Journals

Have you gotten a practice journal yet? Sometimes when students practice, they end up playing through their music without stopping to work on difficult passages or improve their playing ability. Does that sound like a good use of rehearsal time? The key to developing as a successful musician is through productive practice, and [...]

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The Star Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key and The Defence of Fort M'Henry Francis Scott Key was a lawyer and recreational poet who in 1814, wrote the poem "The Defence of Fort M'Henry." Key volunteered to board British ships to negotiate the release of American prisoners. While on board, he heard British generals discussing the [...]

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How to Prepare for Marching Band

Marching band season is coming up. Whether your student is new to their program or a seasoned professional, there are probably a few things they can be reminded of before getting out on the field.   Pre-Field Prep  Pick the right instrument (for rehearsal)   Practicing outside means instrument damage: they [...]

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3 Ways to Practice Silently

3 Ways to Practice Silently Let's not kid ourselves. The best way to practice is to play your instrument regularly. Take advantage of the summer and play something fun like Star wars, The Greatest Showman, or anything that your student loves! Students who aren't practicing over summer can lose the "feel" of their instrument. But it can be [...]

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How It Works: Repair

How it works: Repair Ever wonder what actually goes on in the repair department? We wonder that every day. Part I: Repair Brass: Soldering>Sonic cleaning>Dent removal>Replaced pieces>Play test>Mouthpiece Sanitation Soldering Any pieces that need to be soldered back on are replaced first. Sonic Cleaning The horn is taken completely apart and submerged in [...]

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The Point of Private Lessons

The Point of Private Lessons Parents may think sending their child to private music lessons seems a bit silly. They're not planning on becoming professional musicians, so what's the point? Turns out there are a lot of reasons to study privately. Here are some of our thoughts on why you might consider setting up your [...]

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