Baritone & Euphonium
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Al Cass Valve Oil
Al Cass valve oil, 2oz. ..
Bach Mouthpiece Visualizer, Large
Bach large mouthpiece visualizer 1825 ..
Bach Mouthpiece Visualizer, Small and Large
Bach double mouthpiece visualizer for large and small mouthpieces. ..
Bach Trombone/Baritone Mouthpiece
Bach trombone mouthpiece.  Silver plated. ..
Simply put, the Berp is the most efficient tool you can use to help you become a better brass player..
Blue Juice Valve Oil 2oz
Blue juice valve oil 2 oz. ..
Bobcat Mouthpiece Puller BP105
Bobcat mouthpiece puller BP105 ..
Chopsaver(for musicians with lips) ..
Conn-Selmer Lacquer Polishing Cloth
Conn-Selmer lacquer polishing cloth 2952B ..
Conn-Selmer Plasti-Lyre Straight/Bendable
Conn-Selmer 6" stem bendable plasti-lyre  ..
Conn-Selmer Silver Polishing Cloth
For use on silver plated instruments.  ..
Denis Wick Baritone Classic Mouthpiece
Denis Wick has perfected the classic mouthpiece over the last 30 years to help players achieve a cla..
Denis Wick Baritone Practice Mute
Most practice mutes are infamous for their deficiencies in pitch, intonation and excessive resistanc..
Denis Wick Baritone Straight Mute
Made from high purity spun aluminum, these handmade mutes blend perfectly, provide unmatched brillia..
Denis Wick Baritone Wooden Straight Mute
Wooden straight mutes offer a special warm tone color unmatched by other materials, especially in so..