Baritone & Euphonium
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Yamaha Maintenance Kit for Low Brass (Piston Valves)
Proper maintenance is essential for all instruments! Yamaha maintenance kits include all the supplie..
Yamaha Marching Baritone Lyre
Yamaha metal marching baritone lyre YAC1509G ..
Yamaha mouthpiece Pouch - Medium
Yamaha medium mouthpiece pouch for trombone, baritone, euphonium ..
Yamaha Polishing Guaze
Yamaha polishing guaze.   ..
Yamaha Silver Polish Cloth
For any instrument with a silver plating, you need a treated silver polishing cloth. This cloth is d..
Yamaha Silver Polish YAC1061P
A great cleaner for any silver-plated instrument!   ..
Yamaha Straight Baritone/Tuba/French Horn Lyre
Yamaha metal straight lyre, baritone/tuba/french horn YAC15105 ..
Yamaha Valve Casing Brush
Yamaha valve casing brush YAC1083P ..
Yamaha Valve Casing Cleaning Rod
Yamaha metal valve casing cleaning rod, YAC1666P ..
Yamaha Valve Oil - Regular
Yamaha Superior Oils contain ten times the corrosion-inhibiting properties of its predecessors and f..