Mike Balter Basics II BB24 Cord Vibraphone Mallets - Hard
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Brand: Mike Balter
Product Code: MBBB24

Balter Basics II is a line of economically developed products for the high school percussionist or student in a Percussion Methods Class. This series will provide the player a mallet that has a great feel and exceptional quality at a very affordable price. The three round-headed marimba models (BB21,BB22,BB23) produce a full tone and the three mushroom shaped vibe models (BB24,BB25,BB26) have a bright, articulate sound. Model BB27 is ideal for general marimba playing, wood blocks, temple blocks, and an array of percussion instruments.

Instrument: Vibraphone
Hardness: Hard
Handle Material: Satin Birch
Head Shape: Mushroom
Head Color: Black
Trim Color: Yellow
Head Style: Yarn
Head Diameter: 1 7/16"
Overall Length: 15 7/8"

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