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LP Agogo Bells, Large
Designed in the 1960’s in response to the Bossa Nova craze, LP’s interpretation of the instrument th..
LP Aspire Wood Bongos, Red/Black
LP Aspire Wood Bongos are ideal for students, hobbyists and aspiring musicians. They provide great v..
LP Black Beauty Cowbell
LP Cowbells are handmade in the USA and crafted from premium quality steel with specially developed ..
LP Castanet Machine
Allows the player to create articulate rhythms while keeping their hands free. Made of extreme..
LP City Series Wood Bongos
6” & 7” carved Mango wood bongos with 6” & 7” rawhide heads.  Pictured: Carved Mango Wo..
LP Granite Blocks
LP's patented Granite Blocks are a patented rendition of anchient Chinese temple blocks. The five pi..
LP Jam Block
LP Jam Blocks are great examples of LP innovation. This patented design transformed fragile, wooden ..
LP Jim Greiner Pro Shekere
Designed in collaboration with LP artist, Jim Greiner, this durable fiberglass shekere offers the tr..
LP Matador 14” & 15” Timbales, Chrome
LP Matador® Timbales offer classic sound and excellent value. They can be used alone or added to a d..
LP Matador Wood Bongos, Natural/Gold Tone
Perfect for the working percussionist looking for a traditional sound and style, with modern constru..
LP One Shot Shaker
LP’s unique, patented One-Shot Shaker has only one “live” striking area enabling you to lay forward/..
LP Rock Shaker, Black
The metallic LP Rock Shaker is designed to cut through live music with impact. 9-1/2" black ..
LP Shake-It
The LP Shake-It is a compact, durable, metal shaker that’s an absolute must for all percussionists. ..
LP Sleigh Bells, 12 bells
12 bells attached to fabric strips and mounted to a wooden handle Ideal for lower volume and ..
LP Sleigh Bells, 25 bells
25 bells attached to fabric strips and mounted to a wooden handle Ideal for higher volume and..