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Plasti-Folio Flip Folder
Comes with five windows! Attaches to most lyres (sold separately). ..
Bach Trumpet Lyre
Bach silver-plated trumpet lyre. ..
Conn-Selmer Plasti-Lyre Straight/Bendable
Conn-Selmer 6" stem bendable plasti-lyre  ..
Conn-Selmer Sax Plasti-Lyre
Conn-Selmer sax plasti-lyre. Gold finish. Works with most brands.  ..
Conn-Selmer Trombone Plasti-Lyre
Universal sizing. Gold finish. Holds any flip folder. ..
Conn-Selmer Trumpet/Cornet Plasti-Lyre
The universal trumpet lyre. Holds any flip folder.  ..
DEG Clamp-On Trombone Lyre
DEG clamp-on trombone lyre, includes five flip-folder windows. ..
DEG Clamp-On Trumpet/Cornet Lyre
DEG clamp-on trumpet/Cornet lyre, includes five flip folders  ..
DEG Flutist Friend Flute Lyre with Flip Folder
DEG Flutist Friend with flip folder for flute or piccolo. ..
DEG Plasti-lyre Clarinet
Plasti-Lyre clarinet lyre, UMI575 ..
Yamaha Marching Baritone Lyre
Yamaha metal marching baritone lyre YAC1509G ..
Yamaha Mellophone Lyre
Yamaha metal marching mellophone lyre. Available in gold or silver. ..
Yamaha Metal Clarinet Lyre
Yamaha metal Bb clarinet ligature.  YAC1520N ..
Yamaha Metal Trombone Lyre
Yamaha metal trombone lyre YAC1505G ..
Yamaha Sax Lyre
Yamaha metal sax lyre YAC1515G ..