Black Swamp SoundArt Series Tambourine - TC2
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Brand: Black Swamp
Product Code: TC2

TC2 Chromium 25/German Silver
A bright Texture with the sustain of German Silver and crunch of Chromium.

Calf Head
Our high quality, clear calf skin heads offer the feel and tone sought after by die hard tambourine traditionalists.  Clear calf heads absorb less moisture in humid conditions than white calf heads, resulting in a more playable surface and better response when you need it most.

Solid Ash Shell 
The body of our SoundArt Series tambourine is manufactured with a steam bent, solid ash shell, for a full and commanding voice. The ergonomic handle design provides a comfortable grip on the instrument, and the dual sized jingle slots allow more seamless shake rolls.

Hand Hammered Jingles 
All SoundArt Series tambourines are custom fit with hand hammered jingles for a full and unique sound.  We offer four distinct jingle types, Chromium 25™, Phosphor Bronze, German Silver and Beryllium Copper, in six different configurations for dynamic contrast and tonal versatility.

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