Sale Yamaha YVRD2700C 3 Octave Vibraphone (Demo unit)
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Brand: Yamaha
Product Code: YVRD2700C

For a mellow, focused sound, the YVRD-2700 silver Intermediate vibraphone uses matte finish aluminum alloy bars and features a reinforced field-frame.

Exclusive Yamaha tuning method ensures true pitch and full sound.
The 1 1/2" width and 1/2" thick bars allow projection and full tone while the silver matte finish produces a warm sound.
Height-adjustable frame allows all players to find the most comfortable playing position.
Oversized swivel pedal allows comfortable pedaling from all positions.
Quiet motor, with silent pause and silent fan speed slider control, allows musical expression without unwanted noise.
The accessory bar has 1 1/2” square pipes to provide a non-slip shape for a clamp to hold added components. Pipes are attached to front and both left and right sides of the system, providing greater freedom in creating an easy-to-use percussion setup. Easy-to-use clamps make set-up and tear down simple.
Three sides allow for more mounting locations for accessories, and protect instrument frame.
Four RDC-10 clamps included for mounting instruments and accessories to the frame.

Includes Multi-Frame II system and cover.

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