Step-Up Week

Step-Up Week is the best time to experience intermediate and top-line instruments at The Music Shoppe.  Both locations hosts a week when we bring in the largest inventory of the year.  There are also special offers that you can’t get any other time, such as 18 month, deferred interest financing and rebates up to $200!

November 9-14 : Normal
November 17-21 : Champaign

What is a Step-Up?

The Yamaha Allegro Trumpet - One of our most popular Step-Up models.

The Yamaha Allegro Trumpet – One of our most popular Step-Up models.

These instruments are intermediate and top-line models that go above and beyond the beginner instrument.  Open-holed keys on flute.  Grenadilla wood clarinets. Silver plated trumpets.  All of these are features that are only found on a Step-Up.  These instruments are often hand-made and use high-quality materials in their construction.

Why upgrade?

Simply put, Step-Up instruments enable players to play to their full potential.  The hand-made design gives a better response, giving the performer a wider range of expression across all registers.  High-quality construction materials naturally produce a more desirable tone.  Some instruments, such as flutes, oboes, and saxophones, even add keys for notes that aren’t possible on beginner instruments.
Stepping up is encouraged for many players, including students who:

  • Want to play their best. They audition for the top ensemble or take chair placement seriously.
  • Enjoy playing competitively. They are motivated by solo/ensemble contest or auditions.
  • Play outside of school. Playing their instrument is recreational, or part of community involvement.
  • Are considering a music related degree in college.
Buffet E12F

Buffet E12F

If your student falls into one of these categories, it may be time to consider stepping up.

Special offers

The Music Shoppe makes Step-Up instruments affordable on any budget. You can:

  • Return your beginner rental and apply up to 18 months of equity.
  • Trade-in most name-brand instruments towards a Step-Up.
  • Rent-to-Own any intermediate model.
  • Apply for 12-month deferred interest financing on any model.

During each store’s event, select models will be eligible for 18-month deferred interest financing and double rebates. See a sales associate for details.

Step-Up Week Yamaha Selmer Buffet Amadeus Jupiter Eastman Bach Brass Armstrong Conn Default