Band Instrument Rentals from The Music Shoppe

Begin your rental with a two-month reduced rental fee plus our director-approved Maintenance & Replacement (M&R) coverage!
Rent with peace of mind, knowing all rentals are no-obligation and can be returned at any time.

Rent-to-Own Band Instruments

Flute – Clarinet – Alto Sax – Trumpet – Trombone – Percussion

Choose an instrument and rental plan that works for you! All rentals begin with a 2-month down payment at a discounted rate plus M&R. After your introductory period, rental fees vary by instrument & chosen plan.

All rental fees apply to purchase. However, if your student’s musical interest changes, you may apply principle to another band instrument, or return it for no additional charge!

At any time, you may pay off your rental early and receive a 30% discount on the remaining balance.

Choose a Rent-to-Own Plan

The Platinum plan guarantees brand-new instruments from the top brands: Yamaha, Bach, and Selmer. These instruments are characterized by their outstanding durability, great tone, and ease of playing.
Gold plan instruments are brand-new, lower-priced models or gently-used Platinum instruments.
The Silver plan contains new, popularly-priced models that still meet our high standards for rentals. Gently-used Gold level instruments may also be included.
Bronze plan instruments have been rented several times. Our repair department services every instrument to ensure good playing condition, but cosmetic wear will be visible.

Rent-to-Rent Band Instruments

Oboe – Tenor Sax – French Horn – Baritone – Tuba

Our band Rent-to-Rent program allows your child to start on a beginner-friendly instrument with the option to upgrade whenever he or she is ready.

Rentals begin with a 2-month down payment at a discounted rate plus M&R. After your introductory period, rent for as short or as long as you like!

Rental fees build equity for the first 14 months, which may be applied using the options below.

Rent-to-Rent Equity Options (14 month max)

Apply your equity toward a new Rent-to-Own contract for the beginner or intermediate model of your choice, including the instrument you are currently renting.
Apply your equity towards the purchase of any beginner or intermediate model. Additional discounts may apply.
Take advantage of the low monthly payment by continuing the rent-only program. No additional equity will accrue.

What does Maintenance & Replacement cover?

Our coverage includes recommended yearly service, accidental damage, normal wear & tear, and loss by fire or theft. It does not cover intentional harm to the instrument, or damage to accessories. Free loaners are provided while instruments are in for repair.

Why Rent-to-Rent on certain instruments?

  • Lower monthly payments than a rent-to-own contract.
  • Start on a beginner-friendly instrument, and upgrade whenever your child is ready.
  • Over a year to determine which purchase plan works for your budget.

What brands are available?

We only rent respected, name-brand instruments.

That list includes Yamaha, Bach, Selmer, King, Jupiter, Eastman, Holton, Leblanc, Pearl, Ludwig, Buffet, Amadeus, Galway and Armstrong.