Orchestra Instrument Rentals from The Music Shoppe

Begin your rental with a two month reduced rental fee plus our director-approved Maintenance & Replacement coverage!
Rent with peace of mind, knowing all rentals are no-obligation and can be returned at any time.

Rent-to-Rent Orchestra Instruments

Violin - Viola - Cello - Bass

We match your child to a perfectly-sized fractional instrument to make learning comfortable and enjoyable. As your child grows, you may exchange sizes at no additional charge.

Rentals begin with a 2-month down payment at a discounted rate plus M&R. After your
introductory period, rent for as short or as long as you like!

Apply up to 36 months of continuous rental fees towards the purchase of a full-size
intermediate or professional violin, viola, cello, or bass.

String Equity Options (36 month maximum)

Apply your equity towards the purchase of any intermediate or advanced full-size orchestral string instrument.
Apply your equity to a Rent-to-Own contract for an Eastman Galiano violin, viola, cello, or Eastman VB120 Bass.
Take advantage of the low monthly payment by continuing the rent-only program. No additional equity will accrue past 36 months.
Instrument Rental Sizes Available
Violin 1/16 – 4/4
Viola 11″ – 16″
Cello 1/10 – 4/4
Bass 1/4 – 3/4

What does Maintenance & Replacement cover?

Our coverage includes recommended yearly service, accidental damage, normal wear & tear, and loss by fire or theft. It does not cover intentional harm to the instrument, or damage to accessories & strings.

Why Rent-to-Rent?

As students grow, they move through many sizes of string instruments. Rather than investing in fractional-size student models, our rental program allows you to transition to a full-size intermediate model with ease.

What brands do you rent?

We only rent respected, name-brand instruments.

That list includes Eastman, Yamaha, Scherl & Roth, Shen, and Krutz. All are subject to availability.