Bravo! Rent-to-Own Program for Step-Up Instruments


The Music Shoppe's Bravo! rent-to-own program is a simple and cost-effective way to help students enjoy more success by moving from their beginner instruments to director-approved intermediate and pro-level instruments. This rent-to-own plan features:

with our 36-month payment plan.

Peace of mind
with the option to return & cancel at any time.

on your investment with our optional Maintenance & Replacement coverage.


 If you are currently renting an instrument from The Music Shoppe, you may reduce the cost of your Bravo! Rent-to-Own monthly payment. Based on your current contract, you may apply 14-18 months of your principal rental equity (percussion and strings excluded). Please call our business office at (309) 452-7436 to determine how much equity you have to apply!


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