Introducing Reed Club

Students typically go through two reeds every two weeks while learning to play their instrument.

When you subscribe to The Music Shoppe’s Reed Club, your student will receive four reeds every month -- for the price of three!

Better still, these reeds will be hand-delivered to your student's band director at no extra charge.


Is there any commitment? There is no commitment for Reed Club! Cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

When is Reed Club active? Reed Club occurs monthly during the school year. Payments & deliveries are automatically paused during the summer.

How do you collect payment? The monthly payment (plus applicable sales tax) is charged automatically on either the 5th or the 20th of the month using a credit card on file. 

When is Reed Club delivered? Deliveries are made to the school within 10 business days of your automatic payment. 

What if I want to change reed brands or strengths? Simply call or text our office and we can make the change!


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