Majestic 5 Octave Concert Black Rosewood Marimba M650H

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Manufacturer Part #:  M650H
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The Majestic M650H Concert Black Series 5.0 octave marimbas bring modern features that Majestic is known for into an instrument perfect for schools, universities and ensembles. Selected rosewood or padauk bars are manufactured with the highest degree of technology and craftsmanship, height adjustable function and tunable low-range resonators adapt to all playing conditions ensuring tonal quality, resonance and comfort.

• Rosewood bars offer professional quality sound and resonponse
• Crank-up height adjustment allows for easy adjustment to player
• Precision overtone tuning ensures impeccable ensemble blend

Orders will ship directly from KHS with free freight to school and institutional addresses.

Model: M650H
Manufacturer: Majestic
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