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Instrument Repair at The Music Shoppe

Free Estimates • Walk-Ins Welcome • Loaners Available


The Music Shoppe has eight technicians with specialties including woodwind, brass, orchestral string, and guitar.  Their experience allows us to handle any repair, ranging from minor adjustments to complete overhauls.

See below for information regarding woodwind, brass, and orchestral string repair.  For guitar repair, please contact your preferred location.


Woodwind, Brass, & Orchestral String Repairs

Sending your instrument in for repair

If you are near any of our three locations, you may drop your instrument off in-store at any time. No appointment required. A repair technician will prepare a free, detailed estimate for the repairs. Once the estimate is approved, we will get to work!

If you are not able to make it to our stores, we can pick your instrument up from any of the 400+ schools we visit on a weekly basis. Please give us a call to schedule your pickup.


Instrument loaners

We can provide you with a free loaner for most band & orchestra instruments. That way you can continue to practice, participate in class, and go to lessons while your instrument is being serviced. We ask that loaners are returned as completed repairs are either picked up in-store or dropped off at the school.


Repair pricing

If you have Maintenance & Replacement Coverage (M&R) on your rental, the cost of repairs will be waived. M&R covers normal & wear, accidental damage, and regular tune-ups; in other words, pretty much everything but intentional harm to your instrument will be covered. 

 If you own your instrument, we will need to inspect it before giving an estimate. Once the work is completed, you have the option to purchase an Extended Service Agreement that covers the cost of repairs for one year. Pricing is based on the type of instrument. If this interests you, be sure to ask for more information when you send your instrument in for repair!