Percussion Policy and Preferences

Per Joshua Breen, Updated 11/8/2023

School District Percussion Equipment:

  1. Students will respect all school-owned percussion equipment and implements.
  2. All percussionists will help with the set-up and moving of all percussion equipment used for concerts and performances. 
  3. All percussion instruments are to be stored in their assigned place in the band room after use. 
  4. School district percussion equipment is not for personal use and is to be left in the building. 
  5. Please report and damaged equipment to your music teacher or director immediately. 

Personal Equipment:

All percussionists will have a percussion stick bag with the following:

Take your stick bag with you after rehearsals!

The school district is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.

Percussionists must have their personal equipment properly labeled (name and address) for identification purposes. 

Do not snare your sticks, mallets, etc. with any one else unless advised to do so by your director. 

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