Reed Club Subscription - 4 Reeds per Month

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Students typically go through one to two reeds every two weeks while learning to play their instrument. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that would magically deliver reeds without you having to remember to order them? Welcome to The Music Shoppe’s Reed Club! By subscribing, not only will reeds be automatically delivered to your student without a delivery fee, but you also receive a free reed with every shipment!

Exclusively offered to customers in our school service area. To subscribe, you can:
  • Add Reed Club as an accessory to a new rental
  • Start a new subscription on our Reed Club page
  • Call The Music Shoppe at (309) 452-7436

What: 4 reeds for the price of 3 delivered every month right to your student’s band director.
When: Once per month during the school year. Reed Club shipments do not occur during the summer.
How: The monthly payment is made automatically along with your rental payment on either the 5th or the 20th of the month. Deliveries are made to the school within 10 business days of the payment.

Need to Switch brands or strengths? Simply call or text our office and we can make the change!
Need more reeds? Call or text our office and we can arrange for an extra shipment!
Got too many reeds? Call or text our office and we can take a break for a month or two!

Never worry about having reeds again, and save 25% in the process- join Reed Club today!

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